Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30, 2009 ~ Hard Parts of Life ~

Last night Camryn experienced a part of life that hurts and seeing my baby go through that just about killed me. I got a text from her Dad that told me that Cocoa, their dog at her Mamaw's house, died and that Camryn probably saw it. I sent a text to Judy telling her I was sorry to hear Cocoa died and asked if Camryn was ok. She told me that Camryn was fine just puzzled by what happened as they were. When Camryn got to my mom's house she was in good spirits so I was thinking it was smooth sailing. We watched Idol (btw...OH MY GOSH!!!) and headed home. On the way Camryn said "It's like I have a record playing over and over in my head". I asked her what she had stuck in her head, thinking it was going to be a song, because this happens to her a lot...she's just got the music in her. Her response ripped my heart out and I knew what was coming. She said, "Go get Papaw and tell him Cocoa is dead...go get Papaw and tell him Cocoa is dead...I just keep hearing it over and over". As she was telling me this her little innocent voice got shaky and then the tears came. When we got home we sat down and I just held her as she cried and kept saying "I just want Cocoa alive". It was killing me. I had no comforting or inspirational words, I just rocked her and cried with her and told her it's ok to be sad and to cry. Y'all it was almost more than I could take. I sent her dad a text telling him Camryn was really upset. He called and she talked to him and her brothers and that seemed to help a little bit. She drew a picture and told me she would always remember Cocoa and for me not to worry that she would get over it. She would pull herself together and then it would hit her again and she would start to cry. It made me think about God's love for His children and how it must kill him and rip his heart out when we are hurting and crying. How He must be holding us and crying with us in our times of trouble, telling us it's ok to be sad and that everything will be ok. His love is amazing!
It is a part of life but I'm telling you I would rather hurt a million times than to see my child hurting like that. And let me just be the first to say....the first guy who hurts her and makes her cry like that better hope he stays away from this Momma!

Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24, 2009 ~ Directionally Challenged ~

To say that I am directionally challenged would be putting in mildly. I have had this disease, DC as I like to call it, pretty much all my life. It first surfaced when I was 16 years old and my boyfriend needed me to pick him up from working at the airport. I asked my dad (because I KNEW my Mom would never let me drive to the airport by myself...what???) and of course he let me! :) Ronnye gave me directions and told me when I get to the light turn left. Sooo...I'm driving a long the freeway looking for a light. When I get to Galloway I realized I missed the light somewhere, pull into a truck stop and call him crying! Obviously, I found my way back as evidenced by me writing this blog.

Fast forward to last night. Camryn and I went to watch a friend play softball in Maumelle. Now, whoever invented those circle/yield/thingys in streets need to be shot. I mean, when do you go? Do you go all the way around? What ever happened to a stop sight and a 90 degree right or left turn??? *sigh* That was mistake number one. But we ended up getting to drive through a really beautiful neighborhood on a golf course. I told Camryn not to fret, that I had this. I find my way back to Maumelle Blvd and see the sign that says 430South this way and 430North this way. At this point, I panic because I don't know which way I need to go. So I did the only natural thing to do and went straight. After going straight for a little while I told Camryn that I was pretty sure I was lost. Mind you, I'm finding it very humorous because, I know me not to mention I had text my friend who said "how do you get lost? you just go out the same way you came goober". Yeah, he's not known me in the last 10 years. Anyway, I told Camryn we were lost and my precious child panics a little. She said "Mommy, I'm scared" I kinda laughed and told her I would find my way out. Then she said "I wish that song would come true!" I said "what song?" She said "I Hope You'll Always Find Your Way Home". I cracked up, y'all. I couldn't stop laughing which only furthered her frustration with me. So, I found a church parking lot and turned around. Then a I saw it!!!! A sign that said "Little Rock" Glory Glory! I announced to Camryn that we were on the right track now and we would be home soon, text Blake to proudly let him know I found the freeway and took off! A little way on the free way and I realize that....I was going in the wrong direction. Who knew there were 2 ways to little rock?!?!? I mean, they really should put up signs that say "Andrea, go this way to get home" It would make things go so much better. Anyway, I saw the Rodney Parham exit and took it, turned around and made it home! I should probably invest in one of those GPS units!

This was Camryn after we got back on the right direction! All smiles!

And this is me and my oops...oh well face!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009 ~Fashion Police~

Dropping Camryn off at school this morning:

Camryn: There's (annnnddd we'll call him T-Dawg to protect the innocent) "T-Dawg"
Me: oh, is it?
Camryn: Yep, the crazy dresser
Me: crazy dresser?????
Camryn: YES, he wears tall socks with his shorts!!!
Me: Cam, that's not nice

I'm pretty sure that was a defense mechanism for the day when she finds pictures of me in high school when we used to wear tube socks...two pair in order to make them taller! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009 ~ Happy Easter; He is Risen Just as He Said ~

Camryn and I had a great weekend! We woke up Saturday and went to the beauty shop so I could get my hair and eyebrows did! Then we went shopping for a friend's birthday and headed to Conway for the party. It was a boys party and all about baseball, but Cam found some friends and they played together. After the party she and I went to see the new Hannah Montana of all joys...I'll never understand how she got so big cause the girl can not sing. After that we went home and colored our Easter eggs while I made sure she understood the reason for Easter.
Sunday morning was church, then to my mom's for some ham. Camryn had dance from 4pm-5pm and then we went home and did some cleaning. We actually found the carpet and the dresser that have been in Camryn's room all this time. Who'dathunkit?!?!? Here are some pictures of us Easter Sunday at my moms.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9, 2009 ~ I know what a child feels like ~

I heard a very interesting story on the news about some pirates who overtook a ship out somewhere near Africa I believe. I found it quite interesting because I did not know there was really such thing as a pirate. Even more so, this day in age. It kinda blew my mind a little to think about there being for real pirates. So, I asked my esteemed colleague and friend Barbara if she knew there was really such thing as pirates and she didn't either. I began to read the story of what's going on and the more I read the more it blew my mind that there really are real live pirates. I was intrigued. I can't understand how these pirates in small boats can overtake a huge ship. Now, I've never seen Pirates of the Caribbean so I'm no expert, however, I have seen Peter Pan. I have just never given it much thought until today. I then text my friend Blake to find out if he knew there was such thing (He's pretty smart so I figured if he didn't know either I was safe). Of course he knew. Then I asked if they were dirty and wore patches and said things like "arrrrggg". And I'll be danged if he didn't say No. I told him that I just didn't understand this whole thing and that it was very frustrating and asked him what the heck a pirate is if they are not dirty and don't say "arrrgg". I mean, really?!?!?! I've been believing a lie all my's very disheartening. I'm not even kidding, they should not call themselves pirates. I asked if they even have a plank and he didn't know. It's absolutely mind boggling to me how these so called "pirates" overtake a ship from a lil life boat...and why? What's the point? And how can they call themselves pirates when they look nothing like Capt'n Hook??? I did a little research and this is a pirate in my mind:

However, when I found some pictures of the "pirates" who took over this US ship they looked like this:

Seriously?!?!? This looks like the African track team in the Olympics (and I'm not at all being derogitory). It's just not right. None of them have an eye patch, I see no black flag with a skull, no long nasty beards or big heavy coats and every single one of them have two perfectly functional hands!!! Now I know what it's like to be a child and find out the truth about Santa and the toothfairy.

April 9, 2009 ~ Did I Just Say That?? ~

So, for the first time ever I actually feel old. Let me explain. Most of my life I have hung out with people older than me. I have, for the most part, dated guys that were older than me and had friends that were older than me. My ex husband is 10 years older than me and my dearest friend is my Mother's age. With that being said, I have always been the young wipper-snapper. I'm the youngest at my work place and all my friends these days are older than me. I'm the baby of my family so I'm used to being young and spry (is that the right word?). It's just what I do.
Weeeelllll, I recently got back in touch with a friend of mine from YEARS ago (And the simple fact that I just said "YEARS ago" screams "YOU'RE GETTING OLD" *sigh*). We have been in contact and are developing a great friendship and enjoying catching up with one another. So he called last night to tell me about this thing called "Fight Night" at the UCA campus. Mind you, he's 26 years old..younger than me. Anyway, he explained what it was and asked if I wanted to go. I love me some boxing type sports so I thought it would be fun. I worked out the details of my parents keeping Camryn for me (THANK YOU) and confirmed to him that I would be able to attend. Shockingly enough...I'm a girl, so I had to ask what I needed to wear. He told me that most of the girls wore things such as spaghetti straps/tubetops/haltertops with jeans...dress casual and he told me what he was wearing. So when I got home last night I decided to pull out my "hoochie Momma" clothes and figure out what I was going to wear. As you might imagine, this was 100 times better because...well...I have some girls to go in these shirts now!!!! So I found 3 that I thought fit good and accentuated the right things!
THAT is when it happened you guys. I thought to myself that maybe I should go shopping to find a new shirt because....drum roll please....and I quote...."I don't know if these shirts are in style...I don't know what kids are wearing these days".
I'm not even kidding y'all. I said that...and meant it...I really don't. I mean, I have this really cute longish black tube top with a belt that fits tight around my upper waist. The sisters LOVE this shirt because the belt makes them stand out...but do people wear wider belts like that anymore??? And then it hit me that I will be the old one, my friends. NOT the young one.
Voices of people calling me "Ma'am" started sounding in my head and visions of people helping me over steps started flashing. I started picturing myself saying things like "Not" or talking about NKOTB and trying to make conversations with these kids about tie-dye or puffpaint clothing...maybe trying to crack a joke about doing something and at that moment busting out the Urkel voice and saying "Did I do that?"...or worse I saw myself singing Don't Worry Be Happy at the exact moment someone got knocked down in the fight...then I saw myself walking into the place in some overall's with one strap undone wearing some penny loafers...then I recalled the horror video my parents have of us at the lake and me doing some cheers for the camera in some homemade shorts with white socks and dark shoes..those kind you used to make the laces into a "bumble bee" not tie them... *sigh* It was all very disturbing. And to add insult to injury, my friend Barbara told me this morning that I will probably be 10 years older than most of these people. Thanks for the support Barb. She thought it was hilarious..Me, not so much!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009 ~ Weekend Fun ~

Camryn was start student last week at school, so Friday I took off work early and took some cupcakes to her class. She is also on the ALL A honor roll this year, so after school Friday we went and got a pedicure! It was her first one and she loved it. I have more pics but they are on my camera...these were from my phone.

Then Saturday and Sunday was another competition where she did great again! She got Diamond 1st points on her solo and duet. Solo got 5th place over all (and there were a lot of petite solo's in this one) and duet got Diamond 1st points and 2nd place over all...which is AWESOME! They beat some really awesome dancers!!! Camryn was so upset because she got mixed up in her solo and started to do a little bit of her duet. She was crying and really down. Apparently the judges didn't notice because of how well she scored!! Everything else she did...all her trick ie cartwheel landing on one foot and right into a heel stretch..perfect...her turns, perfect...needle perfect...she just did great!

And look who made it into the program!!! A mom came up to me asking if I saw the program and I hadn't. She grabbed one and opened up the first page and ta-da Camryn's solo from last year!!!

All smiles after it was over and we were about to eat!!