Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 14, 2009 ~ Puppy Love ~

Camryn and I have a new addition to our household/yard. My friend we are...

recently got this lab from the people who live behind my parents. It's a guy we used to go to church with years and years ago. Anywho...he was FIRED up about getting this dog. He works at the Conway airport as a manager and he was taking Jackson to work with him. He called me yesterday after work upset because his bosses wife said he couldn't keep the dog with him everyday at work because she didn't want her business to smell like a dog. His landlord at his home doesn't allow pets so he was going to have to give Jackson away because he couldn't stay at his house all day. Enter me...the one who brought home a lab puppy that someone was giving away for free when I was in high school...without consulting my parents! :) I just couldn't stand the thought of 1. Jackson going to someone else and not getting treated right 2. Blake being all mad and upset and never getting to see Jackson again. Hence the following pictures!

How sweet is this? They look like they are kissing, but in actuality Chewy had just growled at Jackson for trying to jump on me and they are only sniffing each other. I think there is a little jealousy, but with time it should all work out!
Precious big puppies!! No one is coming in my back yard! ;) So I went home at lunch since today was the first day to have them and I wanted to check on them. I got my lunch started and went out side to see how they were doing. After I finally got Jackson out from under the deck I was playing with them and snapping some these pictures and thinking to myself...what am I gonna eat for lunch? Then I went back in and the smell reminded me that I had already started my lunch. Which leads me to grilled cheese!


Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009 ~ Mother's Day ~

Being a Mother is not an easy task. From the moment you realize you have a little person growing inside of you, you worry. Emotions are stronger on every level. You are responsible for another life...a life you love more than your own. You cook, clean, do homework, become a taxi driver, discipline, catch throw up, wipe snotty noses, find rocks in shoes, snuggle, hug, kiss etc. It's the hardest job you'll ever love. One day out of the year is yours to enjoy and get recognized for all the things you do. 364 days out of the year you devote yourself to everyone else...1 day you get pampered. So what did I do on Mother's Day, you might ask?
Slept late
Dusted picture frames on my wall
Washed all the clothes
Washed the sheets
Swept the floor
Scrubbed the bathtub
Scrubbed the toilets
Cleaned clothes out of my closet that I don't wear
Picked up all the rooms
Ahhhh a mother's job is never done. I did take a break and run through Zaxby's to get my lunch, and Arby's for Camryn (since she doesn't like Zaxby's). The sweet little girl who gave me my food did tell me Happy Mother's Day, although my own flesh and blood had yet to remember...and has STILL yet to tell me Happy Mother's Day. But she didn't totally forget...I did happen to find my Mother's Day card she made at school stuffed in her backpack as I was cleaning it out, and asked if that was my card and in all her sweetness she replied "oh, yeah". *sigh* it's nice to be appreciated.
I did realized that you can't really appreciate all your mom does until you have grown up. I'm sure I didn't appreciated my Mom when I was young. However, being an adult and now having a child of my own, I know there is no way...NO WAY I could ever repay or express the love and appreciation I have for my Mother. She is a tower of strength and beauty and grace. She loved me when I was unlovable. She disciplined me so I would know right and wrong. She stood by and let me learn from my mistakes and was there to pick up the pieces when everything came crashing down. Being a mother is hard and she raised 2 of us. I only hope that I can be half the woman she is! I love you, Momma!
Who needs a day to be pampered's over rated. I know Camryn loves me. It's shown by her wanting to hold my hand all the time. She tells me constantly that I'm the best. It's evidenced by the messages she leaves me in the foggy mirror after a shower, or in the sweet kisses through the day. Being a mother and is hard but it is a job I wouldn't trade for anything or anyone in the world.

Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009 ~ Why Did They Have to Shoot Him??? ~

Although it's difficult for some, me in particular, to say positive things about myself in fear that I will come across as stuck on myself, I will admit that one of my good qualities that God blessed me with is a tender heart. When I was young I can remember watching Old Yeller with my sister and then running to my mom's room in tears asking her why they had to shoot him. She had no idea what I was talking about but I finally got my point across. It hurt me so much that they had to kill Old Yeller.
Fast forward a few years and when Camryn was little (OMG did I just say "when Camryn was little"???) she was watching Milo and Ottis and at the point where they get separated she put her head down and started crying. And when I say little, I'm talking like 3 years old. Suffice it to say, she was also blessed with a tender heart. Last night we rented Hotel For Dogs (good movie, by the way) and there is a part where the brother and sister, who are foster children, have to be separated. Camryn laid her head down on my shoulder and began to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she said "It's so sad". Poor baby! Give her a few years and she'll be crying at At&t commercials too.