Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 24, 2008 ~Garrett Wayne~

My best friend since 8th grade, Ashley, finally had her baby boy on April 22, 2008 at 10:49pm. He weighed 8.15 and was 21.5 inches long. He is just precious! After 3 years of trying and 14 hours of labor....he is here!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

April 21, 2008 ~Our Weekend~

After a rocky start to the weekend, Camryn and I ended up having a great one. The rocky start was due to my grandmother being put in the hospital with pneumonia. I can’t remember her being sick ever in my whole life, much less being put in the hospital and talking crazy. She is always so together and on top of it! It was hard and Friday night I broke down. Guess who happen to call at that time??? The SAH…UGH…yes, the ole ex husband. Kyle had called first and asked about Mimmie and got me going…then Dwight called. I thought he would call for Camryn so I answered to give the phone to her, but instead he asked how Mimmie was and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t hold it in. I broke down on the phone with HIM…of all people! Oh well.
Saturday Camryn and I went to Alltel Arena to watch High School Musical on Ice. I apparently wasn’t thinking about the fact that it is ON ICE and we walk in with flip flops and short sleeved shirts. I’m not the brightest bulb sometimes! However, I do have a cute story about Camryn..imagine that!
She was feeling sassy in her new HSM shirt (yes, I’m one of those mothers who dresses her child in the gear of the show we are going to see..*sigh*!). She wanted to take her silver purse in with her. I told her to make sure she didn’t have much in there, because they will check her purse when we walk in. She told me that all she had was lip gloss and some play stuff. I told her that would be fine. Then she said “…because they won’t take Bibles”. For those of you who know her, this was in her grown-up-know-it-all voice! I told her that no, they wouldn’t take her Bible, that they were just looking for weapons. Then my baby said something that took me by surprise. She said, “They won’t take my Bible because it’s just a weapon for the devil”. OMG!!!! I wouldn’t have even thought of that. She went on to explain that all you do is “beat it on the ground” and it shakes the devil up. She told me how she hates the devil and when she’s outside she likes to stomp on the…but then she again told me “…but they won’t take my Bible, Momma, because it’s only a weapon for the devil…so we can stand against the wiles of the devil…like that verse…Put on the whole armor of God so you can stand against the wiles of the devil”. She’s 6 years old, y’all!!! I was amazed!! She said “I always have my Bible so I can fight the devil…he’s tricky…he has lots of tricks…that’s why I have my Bible”. WOW..that’s all I can say!
After that her Aunt Alison came over and helped her with her project that was due today. I’ll have to get some pictures up because they did an awesome job. She had to make a…uh…diorama???? As I told Camryn, like diarrhea..but not. J
Sunday we had to go buy her some new shoes because she has outgrown all of hers! All in all it was a great weekend with beautiful weather!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 8, 2008 ~ Tooth Fairy is a hard job ~

Last night Camryn worked and worked until she finally pulled her bottom tooth that has been loose forever. She was so excited. When she get’s excited she’s all about helping around the house. When it was bath time she got right in there and bathed and then got out and got her pj’s on without me having to tell her 50 times. When it was bed time she jumped in without a fight and slept in her bed all night. So, I go to wake her up this morning and all it took was me turning on the light and she sat up, pulled that pillow back and ….pulled out the tooth. Yes, that’s right, the tooth. Apparently the tooth fairy was…uhhh…busy aka forgot! The look on her face will be sketched in my memory forever. It was a look of utter disappointment. As the tears spilled out on her cheeks I felt about as small as an ant. What’s a mom to do?
While Camryn was eating breakfast, I snuck $2 and went in her room to “look around” for the money. And what do you know??? There it was, on the floor beside the bed. In the most excited voice I could utter at 7:00am I called her in to her room…”Camryn, here it must have slept rough and knocked it off in the floor…and I bet he left the tooth because he knows I like to keep them”. Sounded like a logical explanation to me. Well, not to my wonderful 6 year old. She looked at it and said, “I don’t think so…I think that was already there”. GEEEEZZZZZZ! After a few minutes of trying to coax her into thinking this is what happened, I realized that maybe she was smarter than the average bear. I finally just said “well, if you think that was there then I guess it was…I bet he was just real busy last night…I bet a lot of kids lost their first tooth last night, and since you had lost so many already, he knew you would understand if he couldn’t get to you”. Ya know, couldn’t have just left it at “he was busy”, I had to go into the whole shebang of it all. So, that is what we left it as….SHEESH!!!!! Let’s just hope the tooth fairy has a better memory tonight!

Monday, April 7, 2008

4am Saturday morning came WAY too soon. I doubt going to bed at midnight had anything to do with it! However, that’s when my day began. Alison and I hit the ground running. Up at 4am, showered, and began hauling everything outside for the yard sale. I knew we had tons of stuff and I knew I had saved tons of stuffed animals and clothes, but I don’t think I realized just how much until it was all over my driveway and carport (pictures to come). Camryn woke up around 5:30ish super excited to help. I believe we got our first customer, Erma, my neighbor, around 6:30am. I am NOT a morning person, however, Erma was. She talked our head off, God love her!!! Anyway, she started us off good and we went pretty strong until around 2:00pm with a few stragglers after that. We ended up having a good day and getting rid of a lot of stuff. We still ended up taking 2 car loads to goodwill and two big totes of clothes will go to my sister’s church for their clothes closet! It was apparent to us that we have certainly been blessed through out our lives. God has given us way more than we deserve and we are extremely thankful for what we have!
I went straight from the sale out to Carlisle to my friend’s cookout. We ate and sat around chit chatting until about midnight when I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. On top of little sleep, I’m getting sick with a very sore throat. I headed home and slept in on Sunday until 12:40pm. AHHHHHHH!!!!
When I did finally get up, I went to buy groceries and other items we needed. I came home and began to clean. I cleaned out my refrigerator and was putting stuff down the garbage disposal when it started to sound funny. I looked under the sink to find the red button and much to my dismay the dang thing had disconnected from the sink. SO, I plugged up that side of the sink so that water wouldn’t run everywhere. Then I decided to do a load of dishes. Well, guess what?!?!? The dish washer hose is hooked up to nothing other than…..the garbage disposal bucket, thingy! How did I discover this you may ask??? When I stepped on the rug in front of the sing and it squished. It was soaked as well as the floor around it. UGH!!!! So, I took everything out from under the sink, dried it all up, dried up the floor, and threw the rug in the washing machine! Thank goodness for home warranty’s!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finger nails?? Who needs Finger Nails???

Camryn went to the dentist for her cleaning yesterday. My mom had the joy of taking her for me, so she got to answer the 507 questions over and over and over again…”how long is it gonna take?”, “Is it gonna hurt?”, “what are you doing now?”, “Is it gonna be quick?”…all the while she got to watch my baby pick at her finger nails like a dog desperately digging a hole for its bone. My poor child has a severe case of the worry warts!
While at this visit it was discovered that Camryn has two small cavities. WHAT??? My child has cavities??? The news hit me like a heavy weight being dropped on my head. For some reason I felt as if I had failed as a mother because I obviously haven’t been making sure Camryn brushed her teeth good enough, or maybe she had eaten too much candy. But she doesn’t eat much candy and I stand there and watch her brush her teeth, I even brush them for her once a week to make sure she’s getting everything…sorry, that was me trying to justify my parenting, got lost for a second…regardless, she has 2 cavities.
When I picked her up from dance we all went to eat, my mom, dad, sister, Camryn and myself. I will give you one guess as to the topic of conversation at the table?!!? That’s right…CAVITIES!!!! Lovely isn’t it? We all got to listen to the million questions this time about getting the cavities filled and what they do and what they use and will it hurt and how long will it take and, and, and, and….UGH! Should be a FUN visit to JFK Dental that day…once this is all said and done, I hope Camryn still has some finger nails!