Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 24, 2008 ~ Because I'm Proud of Myself ~

So there is a guy who has been after me for over a year. I went out on a date with him once and wasn’t interested so politely told him we should just be friends. He has been quite persistent in his desire for a date for the past year…to no avail. He recently found out that I’m talking…and I mean strictly talking…to a new guy. He’s funny and funny guys get my attention. Apparently this “friend” of mine doesn’t like this new guy and preceded to tell me that, he didn’t know why he has been going after me for so long because..and I quote… “I mean you’re gorgeous and a good mom…but there’s not much else going on beyond that.” Well my friends that struck me in the wrong way on the wrong week….I had a Julia Sugarbaker moment!!!!!! (in email, but it’s a start!!) Here is my response:
“And for your information…I have a whole heck of a lot more going on than being “gorgeous” and a good mom. Who I might be interested in as a friend or more or for dating or whatever reason, does not determine who I am and what I have going on. Just because I wanted nothing more than a friendship with you, does not make me stupid. Just in case you didn’t realize it, you are not God’s gift to women. There are other men out there who might pique an interest in women. Who those men are has no relation to their/my character. I don’t even know Chris…he may not be my type…he may be a terrible person…I don’t know that. That’s the whole point in becoming friends with someone….to get to know them better. So if you have an opinion of someone and feel it necessary to share it, that’s fine, but for you to insult me and put me down because of someone I might have an interest in, is completely inappropriate.”
I got a quick apology! ;)

Monday, September 22, 2008

September 22, 2008 ~ The Monster Mash ~

My whole life I thought I had no allergies. Until this weekend. Last weekend I was suffering with a bladder infection. I had our company doctor call in an antibiotic for me. I started it last Saturday and had some problems with it upsetting my stomach the whole time. This past Sunday when I woke up I noticed a rash on my neck and chest. As the day went on it spread until it was literally from head to toe. When I picked up Camryn at 6pm she saw it and said “Goodness, Momma, you can’t hug me anymore…you look like you’re turning into a monster”. Can you imagine??? My own child won’t hug me and thinks I’m a monster. *tear*. When we went to bed last night Camryn prayed for my rash to go away..aww..then I woke up and it was even worse and beginning to itch. I also felt as if my lips were swelling. Me being…, thought I was dying. I got in to see my doctor, Dr. Ballard, who I love. He asked me what was going on and I told him that "my daughter thinks I am turning into a monster". I tell him the bactrim story and he checks me out and informs me that I am not turning into a monster, however, bactrim does not like me. He told me that it’s a sulfa drug so from now on when a doctor asks me if I’m allergic to any medication, I have to say “sulfa/bactrim”. I’m relieved to know I’m neither dying nor a monster…so for now, I’ll just look like a freak of nature and be scratching myself like a dog with flea’s until this goes away.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 10, 2008 ~ Overwhelmed a bit ~

Adventures of a single mom, ehhh??? Alrighty. So, my a/c went out in my house, the a/c company tried to take advantage of me and my living room was flooded…and it’s only Wednesday!!!!! My a/c has not been working right for some time now. It just wasn’t cooling right. When it kept on getting worse…like being 89 degrees in my house when I had it set on 76…I finally called my warranty company, Warrantech, who by the way, I would not suggest anyone using. Anyway…they told me Sears was backed up so they were sending out Natural State Heat and Air. They finally came out Saturday before Labor Day. When I say “they came out” what I mean is, I think they sent a 12 year old boy out. He asked what was wrong, looked at the inside unit and the outside thingy… comes in and gets on the phone with his boss. While he was on the phone I overheard him say “a woman”. Instantly I got mad. So, the boss get’s on the phone and tells me that he’s gonna have to come look at it on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday) but to get me through the weekend they could put freon in it, but my warranty doesn’t cover that and it’s $240 extra…on top of my $50 deductable. Not a problem because I have $240 just lying around waiting to spend it, right?!?! HA! I told him I would just wait on that. Tuesday rolls by…then Wednesday and no show. Finally I get a call from the warranty people who tell me that before NSHA comes to fix it I have to agree to pay for these non covered charges that total $400 DOLLARS!!! I asked what I had a warranty for if I was gonna be out all that money and told them I didn’t agree until my dad could call and tell me what they are talking about. *stupid men spouting off all this stuff they know I don’t understand just aggravates me*. I end up telling Ken who I work with about this and he get’s on the phone with them and they explain that it’s $100 for transition which is upgrading to state codes, $125 to recharge the Freon (which is quite a bit less than the first quoted $240, isn’t it?) and $175 for disposal ie hauling it off. I throw a fit, call my mom who calls a guy she knows in HVAC work. He says those charges are about normal but NOT to pay $175 for them to haul off the coil. So I call the company and get an attitude with the lady on the phone who tells me it’s state law that they haul it off. I tell her to SHOW ME the law that says that. She says she’ll have Richard call. Later she calls back and…ta da…I don’t have to pay the $175. WHEW! JERKS!!! Yesterday, I went home for lunch and step in my living room and squish down in the soaked carpet. AHHHHHHH. Come to find out, some pump tubing had melted together in my attic so the water was not being pumped out…it was overflowing into my living room. My parents and a friend come over and figure out the problem and shop vac up the water…which was probably a couple kidding! So, my dad is taking off work today to fix that because it has to be fixed before the a/c is fixed tomorrow!! In the mean time I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to manage squeezing in cooking a healthy dinner, homework, bath and quality time with Camryn all in the 2 hours between the time she get’s out of dance and 8:30pm which is bed time. Also when I’m going to find time to do the laundry, play with the dog, do the dishes, sweep, vacuum, dust and just flat out run a home, while somehow managing to have a social life so that I can meet Mr. Right and not have to do all this alone for the rest of my life. *sigh* Thank you all for coming to my pity party. It’s been real…and it’s been fun…but it ain’t been real fun!
I would like to make a side note that I’m very thankful and blessed for my family who help me out so much. My mom who takes Camryn to dance and pays for it until I pay off my car next month, who also helps Camryn with her homework and my Dad who mows my yard and helps me fix things when they break. I’m VERY blessed! Stressed.. but blessed!