Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oct. 29, 2009 ~ Speechless ~

Do you want to be moved this morning????

Go you youtube and pull up Nicole c Mullen My Redeemer Lives and listen to it...really listen to every word. WOW!!
I heard this on the way to work and needed to hear it today. There are just no more words needed, when you listen you will understand!
p.s. and watch the one that is 10 minutes 40's worth your time. TRUST ME.
p.s.s. WHEW....i just had church up in here at work watching this!!!! Ok, I'm done with my p.s edits...LOL

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Christmas GIFT!!!!!!!!

THIS is what I'm working on for Camryn for Christmas. I found this on and have been emailing with the lady. She has agreed with me on a good price for yorkies and he is registered and comes with papers. He is 10 weeks old and up to date on all his shots and worming. I'm supposed to meet her this weekend in Conway. She has two of these lil guys and will let me pick. She is also bringing the parents for me to look at their size etc. Then Camryn's grandmother told me she was sending me money to put towards this precious thing and it is over half of what I will pay for him. AND....I have two people who are willing to keep him until Christmas, letting me keep him at home on weekends I don't have Camryn. Everything seems to be falling into place. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!
I was wanting a girl so we could name her Gabriella and dress her in pink bows and sparkly collars...I mean Camryn could...this is ALL for Camryn....everything for the kids....anyway....this one is a boy and boys seem to be cheaper (as they should be..haha) and I have read they have a better temperament. And let me just tell ya, in my house we certainly don't need anymore female temperament. We have our share. So I'm totally fine with having a boy. However, the delima of the name and the pink came up. I thought to myself, he would never know he had a girl name and wore pink so I'll just stick with that. I mean, I had a boy cat with a girl name, right?!?!? It was then that my mother reminded me of how mean that cat was...and it was probably because we called him Gracie and all the other cats on the block made fun of him. And really, if I decide to breed him and get stud fee's (wink wink) I doubt people will be interested to buy a puppy who'd dad's name is listed as "Gabriella". SOOOOO, I decided on Gabriel and probably gonna call him Gabe. excited. *AHEM* I mean, Camryn will be so excited! :)
And have I mentioned that this lil guy seriously has already stolen my heart?!?!? I can't hardly even stand to look at his picture because he's so cute it hurts me! I love him and he loves me already!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1, 2009 ~ Santa's Broke ~

Forever my heart has belonged to big dogs. I love my Chewy girl and she sounds mean so I feel good about her being in my backyard. Lately, though, I've had a desire for a cute little Yorkie. I mentioned to Camryn that one day we may get one, but they are expensive so not any time soon. MISTAKE! Ever sense then she has talked about wanting a yorkie. I mean, I want one too...I sort of already have a name picked out...Gabriella and we will call her Ella. I can just see her with a cute little bow in her hair (which will be kept short) and a cute pink sparkly collar and how cute she will be to take everywhere with us....I'm just could be fun... but at the same time, more responsibility...just what I need *sigh*. I sorta talked myself out of it due to the added expense and responsibility and seeing as how I'm not getting child support and broker than a joke I don't really need any added expense.
This morning Camryn came to me and said "Momma, when it's my turn to be student of the week and if it's after Christmas, will you bring the Yorkie cause Mrs. Young said we can bring small pets". *Ahem* My response: "Ummm, what Yorkie?" She said "I'm getting one for Christmas" I said "How do you know you're getting one for Christmas?" She said "Ummmm I'm putting it on my list" (like DUH) I panicked a little bit and said "Cam, Santa doesn't always bring you everything on your list". To which she replied "He usually always does" *SIGH* This is what I get for getting things on her list and giving the list to grandparents and relatives to get the rest. I'm holding out hope that in these next 3 months, someone at school will let the cat outta the bag about dear, sweet, BROKE Santa!!!!